Simply the best surf school in Barbados , Dread or Dead surf school was not only the first surf school in Barbados it is also the Best surf school in Barbados .When Russell Garrett surf school /shop owner first started teaching surfing in Barbados it was 1994 .Russell was the only surf school in Barbados . The sport of surfing was in decline ,only the hard core surfers remained in the water surfing virtually empty breaks . He marketed the sport humbly with flyers in the hotels ,word of mouth & talking to young tourist while out partying .not much Buisness in them days ! however Russell & his partner Matthew had little else to do so we kept plodding along growing year by year . BOOM then came the movie BLUE CRUSH. Instantly we became busy suddenly all the girls liked the idea of surfing & freedom . the rest is history , the internet came then 10 years later some of the younger surfers saw Matthew and Russell making a living and decided to give our life style a try . We are the best because we have the most experience & knowledge of equipment , locations and most of all we care about you ,We did not start it all to be rich, fashionable or famous .we started our surf school to pass on our knowledge to others ,guide our overseas friends threw the ins & outs of local breaks safely .lots of our clients have become our friends over the years and now we are teaching their children to surf 30 yrs later . Dread or Dead surf school /shop is now 30 years later an iconic land mark in Barbados.

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