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Never surfed in Barbados before or you’ve never surfed before at all? Well here’s your chance. “Dread Or Dead” surf lessons are designed to get you up to speed on the “in’s and out’s” of surfing in Barbados safely and professionally. Our mission is to ensure that you reap the benefits of the premier surf destination in the Caribbean, right here in Barbados and our instructors know just how to get you started.

Surf lessons are available for the absolute beginner, who has never surfed before through to intermediate and advanced level surfers wishing to improve their technique and perform like the pro’s do, with our expert advice of course. Let us handle the logistics, so you can spend more time in the water and enjoy the spirit of surfing and all that Barbados surfing has to offer, which you will surely feel and enjoy as you travel the island.


Our experienced surf instructors will take you to the surf location, where the wave conditions perfectly matches  your ability & skill level. Beginner surf lessons start at $75 usd per person this is meet at the dread or dead surf shop. yes the surfboard is included in the price If you require pick up and drop off. $ 100 usd per person. Private surf lessons or 1 on 1 cost $ 150 Usd per person pick up and drop off all included . All surf lessons are approximately 2 hrs duration . 10 – 15 min beach theory (pop up, surf etiquette, & safety) the rest is done on the water . Our experienced instructors will adjust each lesson while on the water to individually suit our clients ability . We mainly use hard surfboards for better performance & feel. However we do also have soft boards for the less adventurous more cautious adults or children,(on request, as safety is first always.) Surf lessons are 2 hrs long and we do not exceed 4 students per instructor in our group lessons .All surf lessons include: surfboard, Rashguards & reef boots on request . Things to bring with you : Beach towels , water bottle & sunblock.Please book a day or two in advance to avoid disappointment. Our surf lessons go out twice daily at 10 am and 2 pm dread or dead has been teaching surfing Barbados for 25 years making us the original and founder surf school in Barbados . We pride ourselves in using only the best equipment and trained instructors. Russell , Matthew ,Axe & Tai have been with dread or dead surf school from the beginning. We are all local surfers and have represented Barbados well @ ISA , WSL and local surf contest . Too many wins & trophies to list . Both on longboard and performance surfboards .

Our home break is Brandons however we are also mobile , this allows us to give you the best surf location on the day to suit your ability. (Brandons, pebbles, Dover, freights bay ) teaching children to surf is our speciality as Matthew & Russell have both taught and trained their own children to surf and go on to the world surfing championships.

For any additional information please do not hesitate to WhatsApp + 1 246 826 6672

Or call shop +1 246 228 4785
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